Transform CC to PC

Hi fellows,
I have a Midi controller (push buttons) that can only send out CC numbers and want them to be converted to PC messages. I think it is possible with the transform module, right?

Setup is:
CC#85-88 on Channel 10 should be converted to PC#0-3

Is this possible? What do I have to set in the transform module? I don’t see an option to “change” the numbers…


But combined with CC Remap you can!

(btw, Jorg, how did you solve your prev issue?)

Edit:.Had written Rescale -sorry if that confused you!

Hi there,
I figured this one out, thanks, CC Remap finally did the job. Meanwhile I also found out, that my Morningstar MC8 is also capable of converting incoming CCs to PCs in a quite sophisticated way.

Regarding my divider issue: As I actually did not want a rotary encoder choosing the dividing values and also only needed divide by 2 or 4, I came up with two daisy chained clock divider modules with a CC controled bypass. Now I can push a button un-bypassing the first clock divider module and the clock is div by 2 and I could push another button un-bypassing the second clock divider module to again slowing down the clock in half. Works like a charm


Nice. sounds both intuitive for performance and extensible if you want a 3rd button.

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