Transform a specific velocity into note off


I want to use my old Alpha Juno as a midi keyboard for my arpeggio section BUT I can’t get the sustain to work (either chord mode or all mode). Notes hold but the arp doesn’t do the Latch thing… It used to be ok with my other midi keyboard. :thinking:

After digging in the midi monitor, it appears the old Juno doesn’t send “note off” messages. Instead, it sends note on with 0 velocity !

MY QUESTION IS : is there a way to transform only the “0 velocity” messages into note off messages ?

I tried a few things with Transformer pipe. No success. I don’t think that’s possible but, hey, it’s Midihub !

Thank you for your Help


Hi, sure, this can be done. :slight_smile:

Note On Vel 0 to Note Off Vel 0.mhp (225 Bytes)

Just change FROM USB A and TO USB A to the appropriate ports. Change the Virtual A ports to different matching letter if this bus is already used.

Btw, the Note On message with velocity 0 is supposed to be treated as a Note Off message by the receiving device. What is the Arp device? Is it the Arp & Sustain pipes in Midihub? :slight_smile: If so, it’d be a bug in Midihub then that we should fix. :slight_smile:


Giedrus !!! Are you some kind of genius ??!

I don’t understand how it works but it works. Thank you very much !

Well… maybe there’s a bug because I was using midihub’s arp (and repeater).
I think it’s not these Arp or Repeat pipes to blame. More likely it’s the Sustain Pipe.


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do you need more informations on that case ?

Could you just in case PM me the preset with the Sustain and Arp pipes, I’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this preset, it has made my day!!! :slight_smile: