Transform a MonoMachine in a true polyphonic multitimbral synthetizer

Hi, I was trying to use my Elektron MNM as a TRUE polyphonic synthetizer. Basically I need a midi sysem to split 1-to-6 contemporary voices from one MIDI channel, re-allocate dynamically and in real time and send to 1 to 6 MIDI channels in order to have max one note for each channel. Basically I want to transform the Monomachine in a 6-voices Analog Four (or in a DeepMind or maybe every analog polysynth, idk).
Is it possibile using a MIDI keyboard AND the midihub?
Thank you very much, I need this information before purchaising this tool

Hey, the Dispatcher pipe or Micro Scale pipe can be used to dispatch each note to a different channel, that makes it possible to play polyphonically.

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Scroll to the bottom of this page Midihub – MIDI Interface & Stand-Alone MIDI Processor

Click on the tutorial “Playing Monophonic Instruments as a Polyphonic One”