Touch_tft_lcd shield allows for use of pisound shield?

Hi List,

I would like to use this tft touch screen with my raspi, and attach my Pisound to it as well. I cannot figure out if they use the same pins, in other words if they can be connected at the same time. Is there anyone having experience in this area??

Thanks in advance for any pointers!
Best, Jeroen

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Hey, looks like its interface is SPI, it’s in use by Pisound, but in theory should be possible to share with more than one device.

However, mounting it would be difficult, as the SPI pins are not routed to the 14 pin header holes on Pisound.

An alternative that would work is to use a HDMI touch display, as was used here: Showcase Your Setup or Pisound in the Wild. Not sure what is the exact display, but googling for one gives multiple options.

Hi Giedrius,
Thanks for the info. I had been thinking about a hdmi touch, but they don’t fit that nicely on top of a raspi (ok not a deal breaker…). Most important however, is that the 4" hdmi panels I found have their touch interface on spi as well. So that seems to be a bit of a problem there. I’ll do some more searching for a usb one ( which will then occupy a usb slot…) Hmmm, let me think…
Thanks !

…and come to think of it, would a pisound work on a Odroid C2? I will be using this headless as a Supercollider home, driven by OSC.

cheers, Jeroen

It’s using a different processor, so some changes to the kernel driver are likely needed. You can find the Pisound’s kernel driver source code here: