Touch style Instrument

So I’ve had this instrument for a couple of weeks now but with work being so busy I haven’t had time to post about this until a few days off.

I’ve ways been intrigued by the Chapman Stick as a touch style Instrument but could never justify the expense of one to satisfy my curiosity. So a few years ago I stumbled across Krappy Guitars ( who offers a less expensive alternative to the Chapman. So I finally pulled the trigger and ordered one. I’m still very new at this instrument but one of the things that is really cool is there is a separate signal for each pickup. And since the PiSound card has stereo inputs I run an insert cable from the instrument into PiSound and can set my tone for the bass side and treble side separately. And now that we have AidaX it opens up even more possibilities.

So now after playing bass almost exclusively for 30+ years I’m learning a chordal instrument. Time to go back to school!