Total noob, how do I merge multiple inputs?

Total noob, looked at the docs, an example paints a picture, worth a 1000 words. I couldn’t find a basic example.

Imagine I know nothing. I have 2 things producing midi messages, I want them to be merged together and sent out to four midi receiving things. How do I do that? Seems pretty basic.

Do I get Midi In A and send it to Out A, B, C, D. And then get Midi in B and also send it to out A, B, C, D? Is that it? Or some other way?

If that is the way, why is it so laborious in the editor?


That’s one way to do it. :slight_smile: Another way is to use a Virtual pipeline - whatever is sent To Virtual A will appear as coming in immediately From Virtual A:


That is more elegant, many thanks!

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