Toraiz AS-1 patch cc problem


I finally have my midihub! I am trying to add it to my setup but i have some questions of things i don’t seem to find myself.

problem 1: I’m using my analog rytm to sequence 2 synth modules. The virus TI Snow and the Toraiz AS-1. The RYTM only send notes, length and velocity. the thing it does now with the midihub is that everytime i switch a pattern on my RYTM, the AS-1 also selects the patch that goes to together with the pattern on the RYTM. So for instance, If i choose pattern A13 on the RYTM, the AS-1 also selects the 13th patch of the bank you are on. The only problem with the AS-1 is that it only has 100 patches per bank… so the last 27 patches do not follow the patterns of the RYTM anymore. What it basically should do is that the 101th patch (pattern G5 on RYTM) switches to bank 2 and then just keep changing patches the same way it did on bank 1. Is this possible??

“problem” 2: when i play live i like to have the abilty to transpose my melodies per octave, 2 up and 2 down would be nice. I tried this with the transpose pipeline. the thing i would like to have is to map a pot on the faderfox to that, let’s say, if my pot is in the center, no transpose is working, to the right 2 octaves up (1+1), left same for octaves down. is something like that possible?? because i really don’t understand how to map a pot or knob to this. If i press map next to the transpose number you can put in (semitones), it directly jups to -64 and it says not 37 (while i don’t push any button or pad)

Sorry if my explenation is not that clear for some… my English is not super great :blush:

thanks in advance