Timed Chance parameter does not work properly

Hi folks,

first of all, thank you for the amazing Midihub box! It is so powerful and tight - perfect!

After setting up my basic setup I started to discover all the different pipelines. However, it seems the Timed Chance parameter of the Chance pipeline does not work properly. If I am unstanding it correctly from the manual, the dice of the timed chance is rolled every period of time. If it is true, the dice of the chance parameter is rolled for each note/chord.
So, if I am set up following for triggering a HiHat e.g.:

  • granularity: per note
  • chance: 100%
  • timed chance: 0%
  • period: 1 bar

While the chance parameter is at 100%, I expect that no note is triggered, since the timed chance is 0%.
However, each note is triggered at every period of time. Also, if I change the chance parameter to lower values than 100% some notes are still triggered although the timed chance is at 0%.

Is that a bug or is my setup/thinking wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Can you upload your preset to a post?

Hi Keyman!

Thanks! By making a simple preset for the upload I found the solution: there was no clock sent to the pipeline in my preset. Thus, the midihub could not calculate the period :wink:

To sum up - everthing works now as expected! Perfect :smiley:



Happy to know!!