The Button and function delay (no Pisound)

Hopefully this is an easy question.
Can I comment out, or make the “the button” scripts not preform unneeded requests?

I am using a Pi Zero W headless without a Pisound and I get a long delay when asking “the button” via GPIO to switch to the next patch on MODEP. Watching the terminal, I can see it checking to see if the Pisound is connected, asking for Pisound board id, etc. etc… all failing of course. (because the board isn’t present of course.) --But this presents quite a long delay in processing the desired action (next pedal board, for this example). It makes the program change take up to 10 seconds just to be requested.

Please keep in mind I an not versed in linux. so please be super stupid simple in your instructions :slight_smile: Like “copy and paste” simple.

Hi, of course, feel free to edit everything to your liking. :slight_smile:

Are you sure though that these checks are what takes most of the time? They’re performed only to know whether visual feedback via Pisound’s MIDI LEDs can be shown for preset switching.

I believe it is making a delay in the “next pedalboard” url request to MODEP.
Is there a faster way? I prefer to keep “the button” functionality (1 press, 2 press. long press etc) VS having more buttons.

P.S. I think I mean to ask : How do I comment out or speed up the patch change request.

Where file do I edit, and where is it. also what editor is best.

  • /usr/modep/scripts
  • /usr/local/pisound/scripts

I use nano for editing files in terminals, and whatever GUI editor is available on my current system, even notepad would be sufficient for simple script and config files. As it depends on personal taste, you’ll have to try a few editors yourself, so you can pick your favorite one(s).

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