Thank you Giedrius

You are doing an awesome job, Giedrius.


Thank you! :blush:

I see you’ve edited the post, did you figure everything out on your own, or is there something for us to look into? :slight_smile:

That one operation only crashes it when my Morningstar M6 Editor is open too and connected. No problem. Thanks!

Can this be reproduced only with the Morningstar Editor, without the actual hardware?

Yes it only happened when the morningstar editor was connected to its hardware.

Ok. What do you mean by ‘editor crashes’ - does it show ‘connection timed out’ message or it just closes silently?

the Midihub editor was freezing with a blank screen. I cannot replicate this anymore so I guess it was the Morningstar Editor doing its weird crash it does every so often.

There are MIDIPALs involved which tend to be buggy for me sometimes, (hanging notes mostly).

MIDIHUB Editor is solid for me. Thanks for the continual support.

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