Tap Tempo - what's the best way to get it working?

Hi everyone - first time post, been using Midihub for less than a week but love it so far.

I have a question about tap tempo. I’m playing a Nord Drum 3p, using hands plus a kick drum and hi-hat pedal (using an eDRUMin for both pedals prior to the Midihub). I want to be able to dynamically set the tempo using the kick drum pedal as I play, so that tempo is continuously elastic, setting the Midihub delays on the fly.

Appreciate that the Midihub won’t do this (it would be a great feature). So I know I’ll need to buy something extra, but I want to make sure that I buy the right product that do what I’m after with the Midihub.

One objective is to not use a laptop on performance. No problem with other people using them live, it’s just not something I want to do. I’d prefer to do this through a dedicated device. This seems like it could be a good bet, although it’s a risk as it’s not released yet:

Is there anything else that might do the trick, and anything else that I should bear in mind?