Tap Tempo in MODEP using MIDI Controler

Is it possible to use tap tempo in MODEP?

I just started using MODEP on my PISOUND with patchboxOS, and I would love to use tap tempo for different scenarios, both for e.g. a delay, flanger etc as well as for looping and changing the tempo of sequences with an external midi controler (I have a korg nanokontrol2 and a fcb1010). I managed linking the bpm to a slider or rotary on the nanokontrol2, but I didn’t see a quick and obvious way to do tap tempo.

Also any workaround solutions are very welcome (especially without great financial investments)!

Would be very happy to get help here :slight_smile:

@floschinnerl welcome to the Blokas community!

I might be able to test if the tap tempo is possible with a MIDI controller. What plugin were you wanting to set the tempo?

@jtemple967 thanks for your reply!

I tried the bollie delays, they even have a tap button but it didn’t seem to work… but really any delay or flanger would be nice for a start. Also not setting the tempo for just one plugin but for the whole pedalboard would be nice!