TAL Noise Maker ME possible?

Hi, playing around with the Pisound that I received this week and Modep. I could increase its usability for me, if I would be able to get some other (virtual analog) MIDI synths and harmonizer effects inside the box. On the MOD list I saw Noise Maker ME (Mod Edition) and Hamonizer effects. So far, I learned MOD is using 64 bit.
Unfortunately, my Linux abilities stop after copying commands to the line and change the odd config file, so I didn’t get far with things I saw on GitHub.
Can anyone say if it is possible to get these (or other) synths/effects inside MODEP and, if so, how?

@Lyricon the TAL Noise Maker is missing. There’s an error in the build that I’m going to have to defer to Blokas for resolution. I do see though that both the Harmonizer and Harmonizer2 are both in Patchstorage.

Stay tuned for the Noise Maker.

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I noticed Harmonizer 1 and 2 were in Patchstorage, but they weren’t in the automatic download to Modep. Maybe because they’re only available as 64-bit downloads. I’m currently trying if I can get them onto my RPi by building and installing them from Github. It has been working on the Make for over an hour now and seems to have a long time to go. I’ll wait and see.
I also saw Noise Maker ME on Github but it requires Premake 3 that leaves me uncapable of getting it going. Thanks for your help.

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@jtemple967 I tried installing Harmonizer, Harmonizer 2 and Harmonizer CS from github, but that didn’t work. At least I didn’t manage. “make install” took a very long time without resulting in any plugin added to install path. In Patchstorage they’re only available as 64 bit plugins. Do you know another source for 32 bit Patchbox/Modep?

@Lyricon I just tried to compile the mod-pitchshifter package in the build environment that Blokas uses to compile plugins. The compile is failing on the 32 bit environment. Trying to figure out now how to fix.

@jtemple967 Thank you. I’ve restarted the mod-pitchshifter make install on the RPi 4/4GB and it’s still doing something, slowly going through the items. It has been running now for over 24 hours and I estimate it will need the night. Not too much hope, but we’ll see. I’ll let it finish.