SysEx -- ever going to happen?

Not trying to push anyone, especially this close to Christmas, but when can we expect any, even just minimal, SysEx functionality in MIDIhub? I know it’s a complex topic, but what I need is very very simple: send a single, static SysEx message. This is specifically for my semimodular synth, where I could use this for setting things otherwise only accessible by connecting a PC, not from the front panel, such as pitch-bend range, keyboard split, note priority, etc.

Hi, please elaborate a bit more on the functionality you’d like to see, this seems different from the other sysex requests:

It’s the simplest possible case, each of the three requests you quoted would cover my use case. The note-to-sysex transformer sounds the easiest both to implement and to use.

You could determine a system exclusive string in Fields within the pipeline and have the data bit Transformed from a note value , or manipulated by an lfo, a similar idea could you used for nrpn manipulation.

i’d like to add my interest in SysEx and NRPN’s. My Moog Matriarch allows for checksum-less sysex’s. But many synths require checksums and so adding that would allow a variable, say ‘X’ to be substituted for a param and the correct checksum calculated so that it is not rejected by older synths. A ‘K’ could represent where the check sum goes and ‘[’]'s demarcate the values to used in the checksum.

Also, if you do RNPM, can you also include a 14bit LFO? That way it could be used in conjunction with an NRPM with its full integer range. And now, I might as well ask for the ability to draw/upload my own 14bit waveform.

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Will it ever be possible to even pass sysex through from a librarian to a midi device, for updates and so on?

Of course, SysEx data can easily pass through Midihub as needed, it even takes care of respecting SysEx transactions when the MIDI streams are getting merged, so a SysEx transaction coming from one location won’t interleave another transmission.

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