Synced delay to masterclock

Hy sorry im new to midihub. i try to get the delay synced to my masterclock. is this possible and if so how?
Thank you!

Hey, you should make sure the Clock messages are being received by the Delay pipe. Usually this is done using Virtual pipelines. See this pipeline for an example:

It’s for Arp, but the same would work with Delay.

hey thanks for the prompt answer! even more sorry to ask again… as i didnt quiet get it.
In this example clock is recieved and somehow modifide
i want to recive clock lets say on A
and let an incoming midimessag (on B) get delayed, synced to the masterclock on A.
super sorry im sure this is absolut basic stuff. but how do i make the conection?
in the description it say
“If Sync is on, MIDI Clock input must be provided to the pipe for the delay effect to work.” but how?

Hey, the clock is not really modified in the linked example. I’ve simplified it a bit, check this out:

Clock to Delay.mhp (126 Bytes)

The filter after MIDI IN A is to drop all but transport & clock related messages. The filter after MIDI IN B is to drop all but Note On / Off messages. It’s always a good idea to filter every message that you don’t intend to be using, in order to avoid confusion as the preset grows more complex.

thank you very much !!!

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