Sync Delay + Tempo Divider

I’m getting strange behavior trying to use both Tempo Delay and Sync Divider in the same chain. If I put the Sync Delay either in front of or behind the Tempo Delay, the Sync doesn’t output any midi clock messages. My assumption is that the Sync Delay is meant to pass clock through it. is that correct? Or is it meant to go into a separate chain and send a single pulse to modify the clock on start? If the latter, can I structure it so that the pipe has a clock filter in front of it, but it still receives the start message? Will it pass the start message on to the midi out? Thanks.

Side note: it might be cool if you could start pinning moderator comments detailing unintuitive behaviors of certain pipes and pipe interactions to the “Pipes” pages for individual pipes.

The Sync Delay is not supposed to output any clock messages. It simply drops the set number of Clock events. passing through it (or generates some to push clock sync ‘forward’ if the ‘Delay by’ is a negative number) Every time a Start message goes through Sync Delay, it resets its clock message counter.

You should make sure that Clock and Start messages reach Sync Delay pipe. Afterwards, you may filter out the Start message if it’s not necessary further down the line.