Switching patches (without waiting a month for the app)

Hi is there any easy way to code a couple midi buttons to switch between patches (since I missed out on the app and do need to be able to switch patches in headless mode before general release)?

Hey, I am sorry, I didn’t realize you’re in a hurry initially. :slight_smile: I have added your email to the testers list (PM me if the one you’re using for Android Play Store is different from the one you’re using here)

Please follow the instructions to install here: https://blokas.io/pisound/docs/pisound-app/#android

An alternative way could be to use the button and swapping the USB memory sticks, or switch patches based on the number of the button clicks, as @oootini demonstrated here: Adding more button clicks

Thanks so much! I’m trying to use it live in a week, so this is super helpful
Button clicks wouldn’t be ideal since my usb stick is suuuper slow at reading/writing

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wait now it won’t let me move my patches into the location that the app searches (usr/local/puredata-patches) and it also won’t let me change the permissions? sorry I’m really new to rpi but this must be a simple fix

Press alt+f2 and enter:

gksudo pcfileman

This will start the file browser as root user, so you may place the files in /usr/local/puredata-patches.

ok one last part- it’s opening some patches but not others

(edit- they open fine when I use monitor/mouse to open)

Yes, Pisound is compatible with all standard Linux audio software.

By default, the pisound-ctl and pisound-btn start patches using puredata command - you may either override on your system which exact PD variation this is, or modify the scripts in /usr/local/pisound/scripts to use a different command, in particular in this script: https://github.com/BlokasLabs/pisound/blob/master/scripts/common/start_puredata.sh

When using the button or the app, does a GUI show up? Does it give you any errors?

“error /usr/local/puredata-paches/patchname: can’t open”

Where is this error printed?

in the output on the app

Does the path of the patch contain a space by any chance? :slight_smile: If so, try changing it to ‘_’ or something.

whoops there it is- these aren’t my patches so I totally missed that thanks so much!

This will be fixed in the publicly released version :wink:

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