Support for Raspberry Pi Zero 2w?

Hi, I found this OS and it is amazing that it is aimed at musicians; but I see that there is support only for the larger RPI models.
Is there a plan to support also the Zero 2W? I am trying to make a small device to use fluidsynth and another couple of small applications connected to a midi keyboard, and I only have a Zero 2W .

It should run on Zero 2W once the image is updated to the current Raspberry Pi stuff, check back in a couple of weeks hopefully. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Would now be a good time? :smiley:

Not yet, it’s still in progress. :slight_smile:

I hope this works out soon. I ordered a pi zero 2 W not knowing it wouldn’t work with pisound yet but it’s not a big deal because I still have my old pi 3b+. Just felt like making the pisound even smaller. I’ll keep checking here to see when it’s ready. My zero 2 w should be here this week so I’ll be ready when pisound begins supporting it. Does anyone here have experience using the original pi zero with pisound? Curious how well it handles patchbox?

Pisound works with both Pi zero’s (you can use Raspberry Pi OS), Patchbox OS should work with Pi Zero 2 once the build is updated.

For best experience, we’d still recommend going with the full sized models, due to performance differences.

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Patchbox OS Orac running on pi zero 2 W with pirate audio DAC and pi sugar 3 battery.


Yeah, a full size model will definitely work better; but the portability of a low power device like the zero 2w is what draw me in :slight_smile:

How did you accomplish that? I thought the PBOS support is not yet there for the Zero2W

Can’t take much credit for doing anything differently tbh. Just did the usual PBOS procedure but changed the config.txt to use the DAC as display and controller. Before this I was using a zoom h1n as an audio card but my intentions were to use the pirate audio dac as an audio output. Not great quality sample rate but I’m not bothered by it. My pisound is still hooked up to my 3b+ so this is the baby. Just a fun project