Suggestions, Version 2 :)


The 9 volt battery holder sucks :< I’m now using tape to hold it in place since it’s not possible to change batteries (how did I use all that juice!) when it’s affixed. Well, unless you take midiboy apart.

I really like how the Kastle (from bastl) synth solved the battery compartment problem. But thats a 3+ volt solution.

Aside from that, audio out plug :slight_smile: I’ve hacked one on:)



Hey! Could you share a picture or more details on your audio out modification? :slight_smile:

We tried many battery holder solutions, given all the design constraints of the form factor of the device, 5V being required for steady operation, parts count and the cost of the design, we arrived at the 9V battery holder on a separate PCB, but we’ll keep our mind open if it can be improved. :slight_smile:



Oh, it’s a nasty hack :slight_smile: But after initially wanting to mount a jack, I decided to put a pin header on since I’m testing with bread board.

And a short video in action at:

I have a bunch of 4 piece AAA holders that I use in Altoid tin builds. They would ‘about’ work, but that would not solve the problem. I also have some 9 volt enclosures designed to slide out. That’d work, but they cost double, and I can’t even source one at the moment. hmmm.

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