Suggestions for the installer / first time setup

I installed patchbox for the first time today and would like to make some sensible suggestions for the first time setup.

I ran into the pi4 issue, so I came to the forum for help. (The new beta image works fine)
But back to the point. Before I checked the forum I tried to do the setup myself.
As usb was not working and I don’t have the option for LAN I tried the hotspot. (Btw: this is such a great idea! Kudos for that.)

So I login an am greeted with the setup script. (Again: cool!)
But… instead of asking me if I want to setup Wi-Fi I was asked if I want to update.
How would I do that without ethernet and without setting up wifi?

So my first suggestion would be to check for online connectivity (e.g. a dig script to your domain) and if the pi is offline ask if you want to setup wi-fi. IMHO that would make the cool setup excellent.

Then when I got to the point where I could setup the Wi-Fi, but I’m on Hotspot with ssh
So here is my next suggestion: if possible dump the ip for the new Wi-Fi? But I ran my script to find the pi… it’s not even on the wifi. That is an unfortunate fail, if you are trying to do a headless setup.
But nevermind because I blame this on the condo’s network setup.
Another point on local setup that after hooking up Wi-Fi (this time with success) the script goes on for the next install. Is this the same if you start remotely over ssh and hotspot? If so how is this supposed to work? It should either quit and run again on next login or would be mitigated by setting up wifi first.

That’s all. I hope you take this as a contribution because that’s what it is.
The setup is clean, cool and painless for everything else.

Hi, good points, we’ll note this down to make some improvements.

When connecting to another WiFi we don’t have a way of knowing what the IP address will be before the hotspot gets turn off, once it’s known, it’s already too late to report in a simple manner.