Subtracting Veloctiy from Black Keys Only

I own a Roland FA 06 and these keyboards suffer from a +15 velocity values or more on black keys for some ungodly reason. Ive been digging around and “MIDI Solutions” has a velocity converter that can remedy the problem but is not intuitive and has no support.

So is Midihub my knight in shining armor(i mean bae in silk satin)? Any advice is appreciated . I downloaded Midihub software and poked around a little bit but theres alot of terms and what not im unfamiliar with . But it looks awesome! im excited!! thanks

Hey, theoretically it’d be possible to do with currently available pipes, but it would require too many of them to be manageable in practice.

This gives me an idea though to create a special pipe that would apply per-note velocity settings. This would be similar to Micro Scale pipe, where each key can get its own note pitch.

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i eagerly wait for this day! thanks for your response :slight_smile:

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Perhaps it’s because the levers of black keys aren’t as long as those of the white keys, so naturally produce a quieter sound unless struck with more force than the white keys. Acoustic piano manufacturers attempt to compensate for this to some extent by moving the pivot point of the black keys further from the front of the keyboard.


SplitBlackWhite.mhp (820 Bytes)

This is a patch to separate the NOTE ON events of black and white keys in the range from C2 to C7. Basically in the first row all black keys are dropped, in the 2nd row all white keys are dropped. The velocity balance can be adjusted by the two EQUALIZER pipes. If you like you can also adjust velocity over the regions (low,mid,high).



Wow, this is a good preset. :slight_smile: It’d be great to upload it to