Stream sound through WIFI

Hi, I realized that I can send Audio Output from my Computer to a Kodi Librelec through Wifi, which kind of sets up a “Airplay” any computer can use in the Network.
Is something similar possible with Pisound / Patchbox?

So what I want is to send my Computers sound through Pisound over Wifi, without having to use a cable, basically want to use Pisound as an Interface?

Hope its clear enough thanks!

There must be some Linux client which should be able to forward audio input over WiFi, as Pisound provides a standard ALSA input stream, it should be usable for this purpose.

Hmm, I guess it would be something like this, but with WIFI:
But the Bluetooth Pairing doesnt really work for me, I activate bluetooth pairing through patchbox-config, the lights start to blink, but device never showes up on my Phone (Using Iphone, maybe thats the problem?)

Anyway, if there is a Wifi solution to this and anyone want to contribute would be great,
meanwhile Im searching on…