Store page not protected?

Hi I was ready to buy from your page when I noticed that the “lock” icon near the address bar is not present there, meaning that the page is not encrypted… this makes me worry about introducing my full credit cards credentials there… am I right with this?

What browser are you using?

Chrome shows this:

Which seems alright. :slight_smile:

You are right, the connection is secure. I get confused because of the icon in the address bar (which does not show the calssic “lock” icon on secure pages). Seems to be the same with Chrome.
But I got the same message as you, that the page is secure.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to delete this topic if you think is affecting you in any way.
And thanks for the fast support.

The Chrome at least seems to have updated its design recently, I also remember it showing the lock icon for proper https pages, it looks like it’s no longer the case, but I’m pretty sure it would still display a huge warning in case the certificate of a website is invalid. :slight_smile: