Start4.elf Patchbox boot error on Pi4 B 4gb


Please excuse my noob question:

I flashed the latest Patchbox OS to my Pi4 B 4gb but unfortunately I cannot boot to the OS, because of various errors:

  • start4.elf: is not compatible
  • This board requires newer software

I have updated the bootloader / EEprom but the issue persists, keeps trying to boot with the following screen:

Any ideas what to do?

Much appreciated!

The Pi board was created after the Patchbox OS image was built.

One solution could be to copy the contents of /boot/ partition of a new Raspberry Pi OS (legacy arm) build on top of the /boot/ partition of Patchbox OS - it may make it boot successfully.

Another solution could be if you have an older Raspberry Pi model like 3B+, boot Patchbox OS on it, run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade to get the kernel upgraded to the latest version, then shutdown and put the SD card into the latest Pi board.

Third solution could be to actually use Raspberry Pi OS (legacy arm), add our APT repository (, and run sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y blokas-jack patchbox-cli, afterwards run patchbox to set up the system. (Patchbox OS is based on Raspberry Pi OS lite, just a couple of packages are preinstalled, different username and a couple of cosmetic changes :slight_smile: )