Spilt pedal board CC's (switch) on two channels

Hello !
Happy to work with the MIDIHUB.
I’m french and glad to see that there’s is true intelligence with the east countries of Europe for many technologic aims (music, network) that i couldn’t find anywhere esle ! Thanks !
I want to split the switches of my pedal board (they send CC on one channel only) to two or three channels with CC range filtering. It could permess me to drive an external effects unit (Ch 2) and my guitar head amp
(Ch 1). For example switches 1 to 6 (cc 70 to 78) send on CCs channel 2 and switches 7 to 12 send CCs to channel 1.I tried with channel remap and CC filter. But not works…

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Hey, could you post the .mhp preset file here that you have so far? :slight_smile:

Also, let’s get one or a couple of controls processed according to your needs, could you write out a couple of the requirements, something like:

  • Pedalboard sends CC1 to MIDI IN A, it should be transformed to CC45 and go to MIDI OUT A on Ch.2
  • Pedalboard sends CC2 to MIDI IN A, it should be transformed to CC64 and go to MIDI OUT A on Ch.3
  • etc…

Hello. Thanks for your reply.

The pedal board (midi IN B ) send CCs on channel 2.

The head amp (midi OUT A) receive CCs on Ch 1

From midi IN B – CCs 4 73 75 76 77 78 must be sent on channel 2 (for the effects unit) to midi OUT A
From midi IN B – CCs 1 to 64 must be sent on channel 1 (midi Amp Head) to midi OUT A

I would like also to transform :

From midi IN B CC83 on Ch 2 INTO CC65 on Ch 1 to midi OUT A

How can i send my preset ?
Thank you !

CC remap on two channels.mhp (134 Bytes)

The effects unit (Lexicon MPX1) receive on Ch.2
The pedalboard (Lexicon MPXR1) send CC on Ch.2
It can send PCs on 3 channels also.

I would like to transform a PC on Ch.2 to three PCs on CH.1,2 and 3

midi OUT B - PC1 on Ch.2 ==> PC13 on Ch.1 to midi OUT A
midi OUT B - PC1 on Ch.2 ==> PC40 on Ch.3 to midi OUT C

Thank you for your supply.

Pedal board OUT (Ch.2) ==> Effetcs unit IN (Ch.2)
Effects unit THRU (Ch.2) ==> MIDIHUB midi IN B

This is better !

My set.

Preset complet.mhp (629 Bytes)

CC and PC transforms.mhp (338 Bytes)

Check the attached preset, the quoted transformations are implemented. :slight_smile:

Cool. I best understand the way it work. Thanks.

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