Specific CC value at patch startup

Hi i’m looking for a way to set a specific CC value at the startup of a patch when it’s loaded.

For example, if my CC knob is curently at 90 but I want the patch to set it automatically at 0 anytime I load it with the Midihub button, what’ should I do to force this value (ignoring the actual CC value ?

The other difficulty is that the value of this CC knob is permanenlty MIDI looped to detect its position in permancence because I use this patch

So maybe there must be a condition to ignore the CC value until the user (me) starts to turn the knob and not before.

Is it possible ?

(yeah I know, it’s an hard one)

hey @GJ106
I’m hesitant to mention this (cos I think it’s naff), but one way to get your first ask is…



  • where an LFO sends out a CC which can be used to set your initial conditions
  • but the CC is then also used to LFO Bypass itself via a virtual mapping

Why I don’t like it:

  1. I keep thinking there’s gotta be better way but I’m not seeing it

  2. you need to save the preset before it disables the LFO…
    …and you need to do this every time you edit it!
    (That’s why I’ve got the extra mapping below~ so I can keep re-enabling while I select Store to Preset.. !)

  3. the technique seems to work when you change a preset via the Button…
    …but not when you switch on and that preset is the current one
    (dunno why this should be)

So, I’d much rather go down the second route…
…but I don’t really understand what you mean by that.

Maybe upload a simple version of your patch with a note about what messages would do what and when (and whether they’d only do this the very first time!)?