Sound very very quiet

I’m a bit hesitant to ask, since it’s a machine I haven’t touched for 2 years.It’s a raspberry 3 with a prynth image (running supercollider with a web front end). I haven’t updated this machine since 2018 so I was hoping to find it in the state I left it :slight_smile:

Audio does works, btn scripts still work, super collider works. But the audio output is very very quiet. With the output on either channel, the hardware cranked, even with major gain on the mixing desk, barely audible.

What could it be?

I did test to make sure I have enough power and it’s a 2.5 amp rated power supply. Have tried various cables, the usual. Also took it apart, reseated the pisound, etc.

@blueprint don’t know if this is the same situation, but I think it depends on how you’re listening to the output of the PiSound. I think the output of PiSound is a line level output so if you plug headphones into the output of the Pi it’s going to be very quiet. I’ve considered buying a headphone amp for that very reason. When I’m practicing I really have to crank up the volume to be able to hear.

No, it’s plugged into a mixing desk. I even tried with full gain on a microphone input. It’s barely audible even then. Well, it distorts then :slight_smile: If I just speaker test on hw:0 (the internal) it’s much louder, though also not so loud as I’d expect.