Sound quality issue

My synths are in storage so i created a modep card and got my midi controller to scrath my itch.
But unfortunalty ive have noticed when using any of the generator modules im getting some bad clipping when playing loudly ( velocity sensitive keyboard).

If i go into the module settings and turn down the master volume this clipping is not longer evident . So this distorion it related to the overall volume going to the output. The volume pot on the pisound has no effect on wether on not this clipping is present.

Is there any way of gobally setting the volume to avoid this issue; or am i stuck reducing the volume in all modules indivually ?

Hope this makes sense.

Same issue with orac…
Playing for example synth czz polyphonicaly with high velocity causes clipping.
Power supply is not an issue
Any other ideas

orac allows you to reduce the gain on any module, or from the chains.
another option would be to use a compressor.

Thanks for the tip