Sound installation sample crossfader query

Hey All!

I have created a patchbox/pure data patch which is supposed to enable me to ‘fade’ through 4 samples seamlessly when I change them. The parameter patch is built on top of automatonism (so I can use the sampler) and it seems to work if I use my mouse to change the volume and sample sliders. However, once I use the pisound app to change the sliders, it doesn’t seem to input the numbers. Not sure if it’s a matter of using the $ sign (@Giedrius might have mentioned I shouldn’t use it) but not sure what the alternative is. It’s almost there!!

Hi, try putting:

[r volume]

and the same for sample, to verify that the controls are indeed received.

Also show us the properties window of Volume and Sample control sliders, to see how they’re set up.

Hi thanks for the reply! 2 things I noticed,

1> the data isn’t printed when using the pisound app but works (sometimes) when I use the mouse

2> when i open the app, it usually slides the volume and sample sliders on the pure data properly (I can see them moving) but no data is printed in the pd log console

When the patch is launched via the app, the output gets redirected to the console tab in the app, unfortunately in that case, PD itself does not print anything, so check for output in the app. It should also display any errors in the console if there was any.

Otherwise, the patch and json seems fine. You could remove pg_main_inv, as it’s an empty page. Make sure to then remove the comma at the end of the line just above it, so the json syntax is correct.

Aahhh I see. I have actually managed to get print data actually. However, the samples in my patch still dont play :frowning: The pure data audio test works but the patch doesnt seem to be responding (unless played around with the mouse)

If you get values printed correctly, that means the App <-> PD connection is alright and things get communicated. You should make sure that the values reach the right places too, and that their values go within expected value ranges.

I remember some PD patches don’t produce sound just after loading, until you touch nearly every controllable paremeter, to get it going. You should make sure your patch can produce audio just after loading (use [loadbang] for triggering the required stuff just after a patch is opened)

Aha I got it! Instead of using loadbang at the start, I simply made a “r sample” object that got the values from the “sample” slider. I think the number boxes and sampling slider weren’t responding too well to the loadbang itself.

Thanks for the help!! @Giedrius

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