Sound guitar electric

hello everyone, are there any people who use modep as amplifier simulator and pedal guitar?

I appreciate the fact of being able to use directly via a wifi connection the tablet screen, these really practical.

Only the sounds are just really dirty … its really bad sound with overdrive and distortion.

Do you have any idea how to make the sounds really better?

the objective being to have a mini portable guitar amp to play outside or between friends, and I appreciate simplicity with modep, at first I wanted to use guitarx which is better, only much more unstable and no simple connection to use a tablet .

If pisound account set up guitarix its would be top, but I would like before arriving there, to be able to find a solution with modep.

In clean the sounds is clean is instant, but with crunch … these not good

I had some issues with dirty sound which I believe were related with the power supply that I used. I think that if the power is not enough the sound gets gritty.

thank you , the solution is guitarix , the sound of modep is very bad , i use guitarix and it’s very better sound , but the problem is the latency …

I would like pisound integrates into their guitarix installation

Hm… Not having problems with MODEP plugins, including Guitarix ones. My latest attempts were with the PO-32 and the sound was really very clean unless it was too loud (and the clipping indicator made that very clear). Maybe it’s something to do with the wiring? Can you get a clean sound with MODEP synths (i.e., without audio in)? Do you use something with a preamp of some kind?