[SOLVED] TouchOSC + Modep (WIFI-MIDI) wouldn't work - Android Pie "Wifi Connected No Internet"

Was trying for a bit to get TouchOSC working with the instructions of using and it just wouldn’t show up, the process was running on Modep.

I had checked the wifi to make sure it was connected to Modep SSID multiple times, it was and just said connected, no internet, which is expected. After a bit I tried to access in the browser from my Pixel (running Android Pie) and no go. So I "forget network"ed Modep, reconnected and got a prompt from Android asking me if I wanted to stay connected this time, which I said “yes” too and the Modep network finally showed in the TouchOSC settings, I pressed it and it connected and I was able to MIDI Learn on the pedal settings in MODEP. It definitely didn’t show me this prompt the first connection to MODEP network.

Hopefully this helps someone else, would be good to put in the docs.