[SOLVED] Pisound Not Recognised

Hi everybody
I have installed the latest version of Patchbox but it doesn’t recognise my pisound interface … I have updated the software…nothing is working. Any suggestion
Thank you in advance

Hi, I think you’re using the beta version of Pisound, add this to /boot/config.txt:

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Giedrius many thanks … everything is working perfectly now.
I managed to download Csound and I will probably use this small and powerfull combo for my next piece.
Many Thanks … PS - I might buy a new PISOUND …is there a waiting list … or is it always available?
Cheers and many thanks

Hey, it’s in stock at the moment. :slight_smile:

he difference of current Pisound from the beta version is that the Raspberry Pi’s micro USB port is used for power supply, and it has an EEPROM chip so it’s automatically recognized by Raspberry Pi.

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Thanks for this, I needed it also. Just spent ages searching for it again so replying to say thanks and help me find it!

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