SOLVED - Day 1 new user - Trying to grasp how to receive from 1 channel and forward it to another

Brand spanking new user, hello everybody.

I’m not going to lie, this is going to be a big learning curve for me so for the meantime I will only use the Midihub for 2 hopefully what are simple uses and then experiment later on with LFO’s etc:

  1. Receiving MIDI from only Ch6 of my MC-707 into Port A Input and then change the outgoing channel to Ch1 through Port A Output into my Korg X5DR (It always initialises itself to Ch1 and it’s a PITA to configure the global multi channel(s) on power up).

  2. Receive MIDI from only Ch7 of my MC-707 into Port B Input and remove Active Sensing. Forward this through Port B Output into my Kobol Expander. ( MC-707 and Kobol not playing nice together. Hung notes caused by Active Sensing when played from MC-707 pads).

Just to make sure that i’m on the right path, should I be using the following pipes for the 2 applications?:

  1. From MIDI - CH Range Filter - CH Remap - To MIDI

and for the Active Sensing…

  1. From MIDI - Filter - To MIDI

I have had a go at the first one but it hasnt turned out as expected:

From MIDI source = 6

Range Filter - Ranges 1-5, 7-16

CH Remap - OUT Low & High as Ch1 and IN Low & High as Ch6

To MIDI source = 1

I think this its the range filter pipe where I have went wrong. Do I even need this pipe for this utility?

Any pointers would be appreciated,


Ch Range Filter is not necessary, as Ch Remap implicitly drops messages outside of the range set by In Low & In High parameters.

I think it’s probably enough to use only a single MIDI cable for this. Just filter and process differently on different Midihub pipelines. Be wary of common messages with out a channel (start, stop, continue, clock, etc…), if necessary, filter them out just after the Input pipe to avoid duplication.

Feel free to attach your .mhp file here or upload a screenshot so we can see where you’re currently at.

Use MIDI monitor pane to observe MIDI messages at various locations within the Midihub’s preset.

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Hi Giedrius,
I have done it. Yay !!!

Where I initally went wrong was within the CH REMAP pipe. I was clicking the + buttons for In Low, In High, Out Low, Out High and creating CC and Note instances for the correct channels but failed to realise that I had to click the channel numbers in the Value column to change them to the correct channels.

Also, I had the channel filter working in reverse so only Active Sensing was getting through :slight_smile:

I have corrected this now and I have also re-done the pipes so a single input cable is only required for the Kobol & X5DR. I must say that the ability to view live MIDI data at different positions within the chain is fantastic. I’m going to have so much fun with this.

Thank you for the advice, its greatly appreciated.