Simple Editor Request~ Dialog Copy&Paste!

Dead simple:
Although Copy/Paste/Cut command not in the Edit menu (on Mac version), cmd-C/V/X do work in the Description Panel :white_check_mark:
BUT not in the Save dialog.

A small change to implement, but would be very useful!

Hi, by Save dialog, do you mean the File → Save As dialog?

Yeah, that’s it.
There are also other aspects where it feels so natural to use standard cmd/ctl-keys that I’m still going “oh yeah, can’t do that” when I get an error sound. (a cmd-D for the Discard in “Do you want to save this Pipeline?” would be nice too!)

Windows and Linux versions of Midihub Editor do use ‘mnemonic key’ shortcuts where in order to activate a menu item you press Alt + the underlined letter (like Alt+D to Discard, or ‘Alt+P, then N’ to trigger Preset → Edit Port Names), but it looks like macOS and software for it does not provide this feature natively.

Of course it would be useful to have keyboard shortcuts for the same things on macOS, but I’m not sure what’s the best way to make them as intuitive to macOS users as possible. One of the shortcuts Cmd + Comma is already used for Device → Settings, but it would be helpful if our users could come up with a list of shortcuts and key combinations they’d like to seen for macOS version. :slight_smile:

Now I wasn’t aware of this (partly cos there’s no “⌘,” in the Device menu, partly cos I’d think of “⌘,” in its standard usage of AppMenu>Preferences which Midihub Editor doesn’t include)!

Now in terms of Mac shortcuts, my hunch is many Mac users use them less than the majority of PC users.

Consequently, I’d think a two pronged approach could be good:

  1. Include the standard ⌘X ⌘C ⌘V wherever context makes it useful:
  • Thus ⌘C would copy text in Description or a file dialog, whereas when a Pipe is selected it would copy it with its settings ready to be pasted after a subsequent selection. (This would become very popular very quickly, I’d bet!).
  • This kind of thinking migrates nicely to using ⌘Duplicate when the first pipe of a line is selected…(whereas when opening/closing/switching patches it would mean Discard when prompted)
  1. Given that most users (in all OSs) are familiar with using non-ctl/cmd keys in their DAWs to speed up their workflows, I think it’s also worth considering:
  • having menu command View>Show/Hide Pipe Shortcuts.
  • Show would display a keyboard shortcut letter in each of the Pipe Panel icons (either small in a bright colour or large and faint as an underlying watermark)
  • This would again work contextually, so hitting “r”* in my example below would Insert a CCRangeFilter after the currently selected Pipe

*(letters just chosen in [English] keyboard order as ‘meaningful’ letters not possible given similaritly in numerous Pipe names!)

PS. I think the View>Show opt-in is important cos I think it’s vital to maintain the default of the simple “physical construction kit” affordances which you folks have worked hard to present

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