Signal/Level Meter Pedal


I am looking for a way to monitor the input gain and signal, I have been looking at existing plugins pre-loaded but don’t see any. Any ideas around how to see a standard level meter to see if it is close to peaking/clipping?



I figured out the way to do this is by using Jack Capture, and the Level Meter is actually displayed in the CLI/shell.

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Hi guys,
sorry to revive this old thread but is there a plugin that gives some insight in the incoming levels? I am aware of back-end solutions but i’d love to bring this to the front end somehow.

It is unclear to me why for example in the latest Patchbox install with Modep a lot of Calf plugins reside in the folder but do not appear in the gui.

There is a big use case for studio applications for freedom and joy of noodling around but there is a need to be precise sometimes.

That said, it’s extremely cool already.


Yes, there is one that ships with Modep and shows your incoming level and has green for good, orange for close to peak, and red for peak indication. It works and is in mono and stereo. It has a tiny gotcha, and that is that it is tiny.

Search for Tiny Gain in the modep plugins list. It gives you a number and you can increase/decrease gain.

I put a Tiny Gain at the beginning of all my pedal chains.

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