Should I really need a pisound card to get patchbox os set up?

I have a bare bones Raspberry Pi 3 B+ which I wanted to try with Patchbox OS. I don’t have a sound card and I was hoping to use headphones or my HDMI monitor speakers until I get around to the PiSound. I have of course have a USB midi keyboard. Can I at least get going with the synthesizers? Any help is really appreciated. I could set the dektop with startx command but not the Jack. I am an absolute beginner and forgive my stupid questions.

The desktop is working, I see Audacity, Patchage, Pianoteq, PureData, Sonic Pi, and Super Collider. They all seem to be working, Audacity, which is familiar to me is working. Patchage and Pianoteg complain that Jack is not working. I hear no sound in my monitor or headphones. I could not set my Wifi connection because there was no way to input password. Please advice me the next steps…

Use the recommended settings as on this page:

I had a similar setup before I got the pisound. The main difference is I had a usb sound card (rocksmith real tone cable) vs your midi-only if I read it correctly. That shouldn’t be a problem.

One thing I had to do was turn up the headphone output using alsamixer - you can probably do it with the GUI as well?.

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