Shiroverb out of tune?

Hello there,

having experienced crackles and glitches with my NI RigKontrol audio card, I decided to decrease the sampling rate from 48k to 44.1 which solved the problem but… Now Shiroverb is out of tune!! It is supposed to generate a reverb one octave upper, but the pitch is not correct: the resulting note is a little higher. Getting back to 48k it works like a charm.

This is really weird. Has anybody else had the same problem?

I’ve seen when building MODEP image that some plugins have a hardcoded sample rate they work with that gets set during compiling, but Shriroverb does not seem to be one of them - I took a quick look at its source code and it seems to use a dynamic sample rate value, so not sure why it would be misbehaving…

Ciao Giedrius, thank you for taking the bother.

Here are two samples of a simple G major scale played on bass with Shiroverb at 48k and 44.1. As you can hear the second one is tediously out of tune. The tracks were recorded plugging the audio ouput of my RigKontrol into another PC recording with Audacity.

I don’t have a clue… That’s a pity, because Shiroverb is such a great plugin. (1.2 MB)

sync the sampling rates at both devices?

What do you mean?