Shifting values

Hey, here I go again…
Is it possible something like to “shift +/-” the value of a Program Change? Not setting a specific Program Change number, but a variation on it. Something like Transposing, but applied to other values. I’ve tried with the Transform pipe without any success.
I’m sending Program Changes from Octatrack 2 to a Nord Lead 4 and it’s a real nightmare.
Thanks again!

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Hey, sure, using the Note Transpose pipe and some Transform magic to convert Program Change into Note On and back. :slight_smile:

Program Change Offset.mhp (87 Bytes)

We’ll think about generalizing pipes like Transpose, Filter Range, so they can work with many things without the need for transforming to the right event first.


Magic!! :sparkles:
Thank you so much again, Giedrius! Long life to Midihub and its developers! :fist:

It’ll be definitely great and much easier if you include those new pipes you mentioned.

(Anyway, sorry but again: TOP1 new necessary feature = Numbers/Names/Notes for Rows/Pipelines!! :pray: )

Thanks again, all the best for you.