Setting up ALSA


JACK seems to work pretty nicely. Isn’t ALSA better with latency?

Is it possible set it up for Puredata and headless booting up straight into puredata patch?

Now If I try to use ALSA in Puredata I get no sound at all. I only get sound when using JACK. I have Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, isn’t it supposed to be working with Alsa?

Anyone got sound out from Puredata using ALSA?

You have to first stop Jack server, sudo systemctl disable --now jack.

I don’t think it’s worth it though, there’s no tangible latency benefit to gain, and you lose the possibility to route and mix audio between software. USB sound cards inherently have bigger latency than I²S based ones, due to different physical transport.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll forget it then. Actually I got pretty good response time from PD when I set the delay to zero from the preferences.