Sequential bypass switch

sequential bypass switch to choose wich module you want to bypass in a pipe

Can’t you just assign a bypass cc mapping to that module?

i want the same CC or note to bypass some modules by group, so with 1 CC or note you have like some preset in a single preset for ex : first C3 bypass module 1&2, second C3 bypass 2&7 modules…

Ok, so you want a single cc to change from bypassing first some of the modules and with another press shift to bypass other modules?

What’s the benefit if you compare it to just have one cc mapping disable 1&2 and another cc mapping to disable 2&7 which is possible because of the multiple cc-mappings in midihub?

yes a single event can change the architecture of the patch it’s really more clever, a less brainer more modular, and also because perhaps i wrong but i didn’t find a way to change a patch (with the button) wih a midi command. a subsidary question there is a limit to a patch in terms of numbers of pipeline lines ore modules…?

after thinking one minute i think the most elegant way is to be have 8 or 16 bypass Groups so you can add any module to a bypass group et lets you to to it like

*Mute group A = module 1&2
*Mute group B = module 2&7
have the opportunity to choose arg : sequential or not against letters ABCDEFG …/ if not the Mute group C can be sequential to D for CD, CDE…

With this technique you can stay in 1 patch that suit most of your needs during a concert to modify the patch in real time without changing the patch at all.