Send Midi to control a non instrument?

Hi folks ,

If i want to for example send to my synth’s amplitude (0-127)to a vacuum cleaner 's intensity (Off-Slow-Medium-Max) how would i make the vacuum cleaner takes midi and scale the midi info to it’s 4 settings ?
0(off) 1-40 (slow) , 41-80 (medium) ,81-127 (Max) etc .

Thank you !

Try rescale pipe with these settings:


It’d divide the 0-127 range into 4 even ranges (each 32 long) and downscale it to 0-3 values.

If you’d like to use the values exactly as you specified, you’ll have to put in more pipes - use Transform pipe to first swap CC number with CC value, put in multiple parallel lines through a virtual bus to filter out based on the CC number (which was just recently set to the value), and each line should appropriately transform it to the appropriate CC. Examples parameters - ‘Set CC Number To’ could be ‘Value’, and ‘Set Value To’ could be Arg1, Argument1 would be the appropriate downscaled setting value.