Send MIDI messages at certain time

I don’t know if this is easy to implement, but I think it can be useful in a lot of ways.

The idea is that midihub keeps track of time (being the master clock, or by the clock/reset messages received), and that you can program it to send some midi message at a certain time.

My use case is to send program change messages automatically to switch patterns in a sequencer, and program a chain of this pattern changes.

As I imagine it, this would require a generator pipe that can be configured to be any midi message, and an accumulator pipe that counts time and filters any message that it receives outside a defined time frame.

Joanq, have a search here in the forum using arp and seq tags, you’ll find some close threads with some answers :+1:

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Yes, I see, there are some suggestions in the same line than this one :grinning:

Hey, some questions:

  1. Do you plan to use this in live performance, or “offline” in a studio?
  2. How frequently would you intend for these program change messages to be sent?
  3. How long the chain would be?
  4. Would you like to input measure and beat at which the event should occur, or should it be based on real time clock, or both options would be nice?

Thanks for your attention, @Giedrius.

  1. For now in a studio. I can change programs by hand, or program MIDI signals from one machine to another, but it’s much simpler if all program changes are centralized and are automatic, creating a sort of “song mode” for any machine.

  2. Not very often, never more than one in a second. Because the program change is not immediate (it triggers after the current pattern ends), it doesn’t have to be super accurate.

  3. A typical song. Maybe 20 program changes per device? But it’s no problem if each program change has to be programmed in its own pipeline.

  4. Preferably measure and beat.

@Joanq : An idea for you : My novation Circuit records in its seq the different positions of its knobs, then recall them along with the patterns that are played ( usefull to record sound mods within each patterns ). These knobs ( each of them 8 within each panel, which makes in the end about 40-50 midi knobs to declare ) can be midi assigned to the midi hub.

That makes you a seq easy to set and to play :+1: