Send CC Messages to Synth at Midihub

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I’m brand new here and greet you all.
Maybe one of you can help me. I would like to send CC messages to my synthesizer, but I don’t know which pipe to use. I would like to control the filter of my Sub 37 and assign it to a controller of my Faderfox Pc12. According to the Sub 37 manual, the filter cutoff would be 19 (MSB) 51 (LSB).
Which pipe do you use? My Faderfox midi output goes to Midihub B in and my Midihub B output goes to Sub37 In. to send CC, you use the Pipe Transform or CC Remap ??? I hope you can help me. I would like to assign Midi CC commands to the respective controls on the faderfox Pc12.

Hi, use CC Remap pipe, set In Low and In High both to whatever CC the control you want to use on Faderfox PC12 sends, and Out Low and Out High to one of the parameters you want to control with it.

For the Filter Cutoff, you’ll have to use 2 controls, the MSB value is the ‘coarse’ one, having greatest effect when changing, and the LSB value is the ‘fine’ one.

Check out this preset:

CC Remap.mhp (148 Bytes)


The first pipeline passes through everything, but the CC messages (not sure if it’s necessary in your setup, you may choose to delete it)
The next 2 pipelines are for one control each. First one remaps CC #0 to CC #19, the other one remaps CC #1 to CC #51. Change the In Low and in High params as necessary so you use the control you prefer.

This gives me an idea on how to make this use case more straightforward, by introducing a CC Map pipe, stay tuned for future updates. :wink:

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First of all, thank you for your quick response and your preset.
I tried the preset, but unfortunately nothing works. Maybe I forgot to mention that I am using a Eurorack sequencer. the sequencer is called the Eloquencer from Winter Modular. In any case, the midi output from the Eloquencer goes into the midihub input A, and from the midihub output B, into the midi input of the sub 37. The faderfox pc 12 goes into the midihub input B, and goes from the midihub output B into the sub 37.
So I’m doing something wrong, but what: D
If you enter the low and high value 19 in the CC Remap, then the controller movement must also have the CC19 value from the faderfox? Or does it matter which controller I assign? I bought the faderfox especially, unfortunately the part is made a bit strange and complicated. I’m sorry that I text you here, I just can’t do it.

The In Low and In High parameters should be set to whatever is coming in from the Faderfox device. The Out Low and Out High should be set to 19, so it controls the filter cutoff on Sub 37.

You should add another line with just:


Did you get the data flowing at all between your devices? I’d suggest first to start small, make it merge the data as needed, then continue on building more complex functionality, like CC remapping, etc…

Feel free to show us your current preset (best to just attach the .mhp file here), so we can see if there’s something to fix.