Send all notes off

I have an older mono synth that does not have the best MIDI implementation.
It often does not register note-off messages.
Is there a way to send note-off to all notes except the one being played?
So if i get a note-on message, I want to send a note-off message to every note except the the one I got a note-on message for.
And I want to do this for all note-on messages all the time.

Couldn’t see a way to do

except the one being played?

Ranges in Note Range Filter can’t be mapped (to select that one note you wanna keep)– so this patch SendAllNotesOff.mhp is designed to send all notes_off but before your new note_on is sent, which should be equivalent.

It feels like a bit of jiggery-pokery to me, but a more elegant solution evades me at present.

Hope that’s useful…

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If the synth supports the special CC 123 “All Notes Off”, try this:

It will produce an All Notes Off CC before every Note On message.