Select ORAC preset using The Button - possible?

Is it possible to select/cycle through ORAC presets using the pisound Button?

I could imagine triggering a shell script that sends ORAC some OSC. But I can also imagine that it’s maybe not documented :smile:

Source code is the only kind of documentation which always gives the correct information. :wink:

I think you have to send the OSC message to the IP running MEC on port 6000.

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To understand what arguments to use, searching the source code for the ‘loadPreset’ call, you can trace it to this location:

You should be able to find out how the Rack Id looks like by inspecting the MEC logs (sudo journalctl -u mec), I suspect it could always the same value, and what argument to give for the preset by inspecting the code above and your file system.

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Thank you, that’s a great start. I think this would be a great bit of functionality to go with the ‘headless synth’ concept, so I’ll see where I get to.

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