Saw Returns to First Value on One-Shot!

Not sure if this is a minor bug or just unexpected behaviour:
I wanted to use a (180° Phase) Saw-Down to fade a level at a certain trigger point (to move through a ‘transition’), then Saw-Up to at later point to return to the original level.

I set my resolution to ensure the 127 & 0 values were produced so that I could use the ‘end-event’ to set the pipeline state for the next trigger.
With certain low frequencies, however, Saw-Up yields 0, 1,…,127, 0 – ie. 1 cycle plus 1 value – which gives something of a sonic surprise!

I imagine this is a result of rounding the last float beyond the 360° range, but it does get in the way of this use of One-Shot Saws.

PS. I found a workaround and the result was worth the work in sussing it out (yay, Midihub). I’ll post up the patch up if the diagram suggests it might be useful to someone.

Thank you for reporting this, we’ll look into it for the next update. :slight_smile:

The upside (of all my fiddling) is that One-Shots are now an established part of my toolkit!
(Of course, I still want an Envelope Component Pipe…)

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