Save parameter values in Pisound app


I managed to use the android app to control parameters and assign MIDI controls to a pure data patch and it’s great!! However there is something that’s not really clear to me: when I add some MIDI controls they get saved every time (if I reopen the patch the MIDI assignment is still there), but the same doesn’t apply for the parameters values (they get saved only if I happen to assign some MIDI control). Can I save parameter values too? In some cases I would like to restart the same patch with the same value I used last time.



Hey, preset management is not implemented in the app, but for the time being, I think you can set the desired parameter values, then map and unmap (or unmap and map) a single control and the current parameter values will get stored, so they are at those positions when reopening the patch.

Basically any control mapping change also stores the current parameter values.