Sampleplayer within MODEP

I have a Pisound-setup with MODEP installed,
that I actually use as a simple synth using the LV2 Fluid-pedals to generate synth sounds.

Now I may need to trigger some specific samples live, and was wondering if I could solve that using the same MODEP-installation (just create a new virtual pedalboard).

However I do not know how to install additional ‘pedals’, if I would be so lucky to find a LV2-based sampleplayer pedal that works with MODEP, nor do I know how to load the soundlibrary for that sampleplayer. I can prep the samples in any format needed though; that would be the least of my worries.

I guess the simplest way would be to take one of those FluidGM pedals, change the name of it and associate it with a new soundlibrary (which would be those custom samples)

and then somehow transfer that LV2-file and library onto some directory on the RPI that MODEP could discover.

Anyone here that could help?



The LV2s that MODEP shows are in /var/modep/lv2. The locations of sound banks may be specific to the plugin you use, its documentation should help, or searching through the file system for some known names of samples to discover where they are.

I think the Fluid pedals use ‘sound fonts’, you may be able to create a custom one:

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