Running MODEP Without Sound Card

I’m wanting to expand the interface between my custom midi controller and MODEP. I have another Rpi4 that I would like to use for this so I don’tess up my main box. When I run MODEP on this backup Pi4 it’s not starting. I think the problem is there is no sound card. I can’t configure jack to run without a sound card. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Okay, I searched the forums a bit more and did find a post about this from 3 years ago. So I made sure to set the default soundcard to the headphone jack and the buffer size to 512. Then jack and MODEP starts but when I browse to the interface it shows CPU of 100% with a large number of xruns. I shut it down after this screenshot because I didn’t want to cook the CPU.

Any thoughts?

Okay, I realized the card I used was an older version of MODEP. I cloned my current MODEP SD card image, reconfigured to use the onboard sound and now there are still a lot of overruns but the CPU% is only showing 1.5%.

I COMPLETELY forgot that my brother had given me a Behringer UCG102 a while back so I do have a sound card for this “backup” device. To my amazement I plugged it in, it was recognized by the system and I could configure it with Jack. What’s interesting here is the device is only documented to have a 1/4" mono input. MODEP showed 2 inputs. So I plugged my tap instrument into the UCG102 and sure enough, the input is stereo even though the documentation states mono. So now I have 2 MODEP setups, one on my pedal board and one that I’m now going to use as a development box/practice box. And to sweeten the deal even further I had a spare Pi4 case with fan laying around so I was able to enclose the Pi and keep it cool with a fan.

Night all!


In case where you really want to use sound card dependent software without any physical card, it should be possible to setup and use a virtual dummy card instead:

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