RT_PATCH Kernel for Pi 4B?

Last time I installed Patchbox OS, I had to disable the RT kernel because it wasn’t compatible with Pi 4B (8GB).

Since then, the Rasbian mainline kernel has upgraded to Linux 5.10 kernel, which includes huge improvements to USB 1.1 Audio support (mostly broken on versions of LINUX kernel prior to that, although all my crusty old USB 1.0 adapters work fine).

So I really want to use my very excellent, super-low latency MOTU M2 USB Audio adapter, which needs Linux 5.10+ kernel to work. I’m pretty sure the USB 1.1 Audio support fixes went into something very close to the 5.10 kernel release. The audio is sooo close to stable on a non-RT kernel, with (16x3) buffers = 1ms latency, but an RT_PATCH kernel would definitely fix it.

  1. Has Patchbox OS fixed the PI 4B/8GB lock-up-on-boot problems with the realtime kernel? And if so, for which kernel version?

    if not

  2. Can anyone point me at a reasonable Linux 5.10+ distribution (don’t care which) with RT_PATCH support for Pi 4B/8GB?

if not

  1. Can anyone recommend a source for a stable Github site from which I can build a Pi 4B RT_PATCH 5.10+ kernel?

Rasbpian Kernel 5.10.35 with PREEMT_RT patch rt39. Download the prebuilt package at the bottom of the page. Execute the shell script to install.

Probably worth checking the main branch to see if there are more recent built versions. As of today (August 30, 2021), the main branch seems to be kernel 5.10.52, but doesn’t yet seem to be ready for distribution.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB); MOTU M2 USB Audio.

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